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Serene Vannoy

When I got home last night, someotherguy had *already built the garden box*! I knew it was a possibility, but he didn't mention it on the way home, so I was completely prepared to make the box after dinner. It is lovely! Behind the second cut below, you can see photos.

Took the box to my plot, filled it with Mel's Mix, and came home to eat pork chops and rest for a bit.

I went over and blocked off my squares, and now they're all planted. Behind the first cut is a representation of what's planted where. (Eggplant will come later, as it has to be started inside, and bush beans will go in when something else is harvested or something. I got so many gifts that I didn't have room for everything, and I'm not gonna overplant.

I took off my shoes and walked in the moist earth, and it took me back to the days on the commune, but this time, I wasn't helping in someone else's garden -- this time I was growing what will please me and my family, and I felt all those feelings that make me start talking woo-woo language -- that connectedness, that sense that my roots go into the earth, all that stuff that for me requires absolutely no belief in a deity or a sentient earth. Anyway, it was glorious.

1 tomato (brandywine) 1 tomato (black from tula) 1 tomato (amana orange) 1 tomato (grandpa's minnesota)
1 tomato (cuostralee) 4 chinese broccoli 4 marigolds 1 tomato (charlie's green)
16 carrots 9 basil 16 beets 1 anaheim pepper
1 verbena 1 strawberry 4 lettuce 9 onions


The community garden plot, pre-weeding The community garden plot, pre-weeding

The lovely box and the lovely someotherguy The lovely box and the lovely someotherguy

My boy being a hardworking gardener My boy being a hardworking gardener

He's mixing equal parts vermiculite, compost, and peat moss. Man, that stuff really holds water. I'm gonna have to be careful not to get it too wet.

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