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Serene Vannoy

Behind the cut, more garden pictures. This time, I took some photos of other people's plots and some of the common area. I think the whole thing is looking so pretty right now. Next, I should make myself a gardening icon. Maybe Mr. Froggy wouldn't mind.

Apple! Apple!

Thanks, pleonastic, for the photography trick.
Our apple tree Our apple tree

I think it looks really good and healthy, but I'll prune it if I should.
box box

Took this photo from within my neighbor's area. I decided not to do the work of building my own tomato-climbing frame this go-round, and bought cheap cages instead.
The community garden The community garden

A view from beside my plot toward the tennis court behind the garden. I love how the place looks right now, with so much growing.
The community area The community area

People leave stuff in the basket, I assume for others to share. There's a picnic table, a couple of community wheelbarrows, and some compost bins. One is empty, and I may put it into use.
Someone else's flowers Someone else's flowers

Froggy Froggy

Froggy redux Froggy redux

The mailbox The mailbox

This is where garden members leave notes for one another. Isn't it just the quaintest thing ever?
Sprout! Sprout!

Yay, sprout!

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it looks wonderful there! and i like your mister froggy a lot. it is best to prune fruit trees when they are dormant in the winter unless you have a branch that is breaking and need to maek a clean cut, or have fireblite (cut that off right away and haul it way way away from your garden!).


Thank you! That's exactly the kind of info I needed. I'll go google, but can you give me an idea of how to identify fire blight?
you are welcome!

i dont remember a lot about it but i think the ends of new branches die and turn black and limp and there are black sores on the bark of the trees.
Looks from my research like this is primarily an Atlantic thing. Not common where I live (Oakland, CA).
there is some kind there cuz we used to live in hayward (just south of oakland) and one of mamas apple trees died from it. she tried pruning off the dead bits but she couldnt spray and it kept coming back and got weaker and weaker.
Yeah, I'll definitely keep an eye out for it.
Ooo! Nice apples! And I love the frog, and the mailbox and basket idea. ^_^
Very nice. The mailbox is a fine touch.