nixtoatl (nex0s) wrote in gardens_not_gas,

Eating Sustainably

It's been really quiet in here. Ah well.

Still, occasionally I find stuff that might be useful, and today is from the Sustainable Table blog, The Eat Well Guide. Basically, you put in your zip code and can find where to purchase sustainable meats & dairy in your area. I had found something similar before, but it only searched farms. As a Manhattanite, sans car, it's difficult to get out to 'Jersey to pick up eggs every week.

Right now it's claimnig that the Gourmet Garage on 96th street has pasture raised eggs. With a little luck it will be true.

In other news; anyone want a roof garden? Let me know. I'm looking for space. If you've got the roof, I've got the know how.

It's been far too long since I had my hands in dirt.

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