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Save a Tree

Earlier today, I was reading the blog of chocolatier David Lebovitz and he was discussing some fabulous jam some old friends of his make. They have a single tree of Blenheim apricots in their backyard and they make jam and you gte on a waiting list and in July they ask for money and you can buy a single pint of this delicious and rare jam.

So, I poked around the site and learned from the jam makers of We Love Jam that their tree is an endangered breed.

Once popular, and of superior flavor, the Blenheim is hardly ever found any more. Why? It doesn't keep well.

So, when I emailed to get on the waitlist (I love jam too!) I asked about seeds. Well, Eric and Phineas got right back to me and said they would be happy to mail me a seed, and seeds to anyone who wanted them. They would love to see the Blenheim make a resurgence.

Their tree is located in San Francisco, so, while I will attempt to start one at my new (and much sunnier office), I think all of you out on the Left Coast ought to write to these gentlemen and ask for a seed. Tell 'em Nicole from told you about their jam and the seeds and you'd like one. Maybe get on the waitlist for jam, too ;)

Now, Right Coasters ought to try as well. According to Wikipedia, the apricot can withstand temperatures as low as -30F. However, that doesn't say if the Blenheim can, but it can't hurt to try. Especially if you have a nice southern facing wall to grow it against.

ETA: Eric & Phineas wrote this to me:

Our tree is actually in Santa Clara - the heart of Blenheim
territory. Apparently cold weather doesn't affect them in the winter, and they
love hot summers, but hate moisture.

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